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August 27th, 2019 - Join us in the courthouse on October 1st, 9:00 am (arrive by 8:30 am). The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear the government's appeal in EBSC v. Trump.
Location: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 95 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Lay year, District Court Judge Tigar ruled in favor of EBSC (and other plaintiffs), finding that a new regulation enacted by the Trump Administration violated the immigration laws of our country. This regulation would have barred asylum seekers from applying for asylum if they entered anywhere than through a designated point of entry. Judge Tigar ordered a preliminary injunction, stopping the regulation from going into effect. The Ninth Circuit will now hear various arguments stemming from the government's appeal. 
December 21, 2018 - The Supreme Court just upheld the block on Trump’s asylum ban in EBSC v. Trump! This is a huge win for human rights and the rule of law. 

December 19, 2018 – Following the latest hearing on the EBSC v. Trump lawsuit, Judge Jon S. Tigar ruled in favor of a permanent injunction barring the Trump Administration from preventing people from applying for asylum. “This hearing was a great affirmation for EBSC regarding the importance of the work that we do. Since 1982, our lawyers and volunteers have assisted the most marginalized asylum seekers fleeing horrific violence to seek safety in the U.S. This injunction means that our clients will still have the opportunity to apply for asylum.” – Sister Maureen Duignan, Executive Director, EBSC


December 08, 2018 - The 9th Circuit has denied the Trump administration's effort to delay a judge's order blocking enforcement of the administration's effort to restrict who is eligible for asylum. This is great news for asylum seekers and the rule of law. Read the 65-page opinion here.


November 30, 2018 - We are thrilled to share that federal judge Jon Tigar once again rebuffed the Trump administration’s request to reinstate the ban on asylum at the border because it violates federal law. Read more here.


November 19, 2018  - In a blow to Trump’s illegal and immoral immigration agenda, on November 19, 2018, federal Judge Jon Tigar granted a temporary restraining order blocking Trump’s asylum ban. The order remains in effect until further arguments are heard on December 19th. Read more here


November 19, 2018 - Thanks to all the supporters who turned out today to pack the courtroom for the initial EBSC v. Trump hearing!


In today's hearing before the U.S. District Court, EBSC's legal counsel made a clear and compelling case for why a temporary restraining order to halt the illegal asylum ban is necessary. At a time when border apprehensions are near historic lows, this administration is attempting to sidestep federal law by creating a new requirement for asylum eligibility, thereby avoiding its obligations under domestic and international law. Such a regulation, which goes directly against Congressional intent as set out in our immigration laws, would result in the forced return of many to the very countries where they face persecution.


We expect a decision within a few days.


November 9, 2018 - The American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Center for Constitutional Rights have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the asylum ban proclamation signed this morning by President Trump. East Bay Sanctuary Covenant is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit East Bay Sanctuary Covenant v. Trump. Read our press release here, and the complaint here.

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