Turning Towards Hope

Dear EBSC Supporter,

History has a way of repeating itself.

The Sanctuary Movement, established in the United States in the 1980s, came from a call - a spiritual and political call for congregations of all kinds across the United States to create safe havens for Central American refugees escaping from the violence in their war-torn countries. As many of you know, as many of you witnessed with your own bodies and breath, the Sanctuary Movement came about as a response to a humanitarian crisis playing out right in front of our eyes.

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (EBSC), was formed in 1982 by a committed circle of congregations in the East Bay, united in sacred agreement to provide sanctuary to those Central American asylum seekers.

During this difficult time in our country's political history, we're recommitting ourselves once again to provide sanctuary of all kinds to any immigrant or refugee who comes through our doors seeking support. 

Will you recommit to providing sanctuary as well, with a donation to EBSC?

EBSC will continue to provide low-fee and no cost legal services. No one will ever be turned away due to a lack of funds. However, we can stand that much more powerfully with your solid support. At this crucial time in our nation's history, we're asking you to give like you've never given before.

All of us at EBSC have been called upon to look deeply within ourselves and to bolster our resolve. This new chapter ahead of us can only be taken on with love in our eyes and courage in our hearts. Please consider standing with us and meeting EBSC with love and courage through a gift today. 

History may have a way of repeating itself. But we can turn the tide of history towards hope. After 34 years of our work, we rise up to the challenge once again. In the midst of tremendous uncertainty, we embrace the words of El Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero for sustenance and strength:

Peace is the product of justice and love.

Thank you for walking next to us with love in your eyes and courage in your hearts.

In Solidarity,

The Staff and Board of East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

P.S. Your generosity to EBSC will send a direct message of hope to the immigrants and refugees who come to EBSC's door every day, seeking assistance. Please share this link with your loved ones to maximize EBSC's impact.